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We love nothing more than talking about comics here at Pages N’ Pixels. Particularly when they come with a big range of stories inside!

We love to grab collections of the best comics out there. Inside these, you’ll find more than a single issue and often a full story that draws to a conclusion. Yes, single-issue comics are great but if you need to catch up, grab a novel and get reading!

Plus… it is a bit of a space saver! We also pride ourselves on getting collections and full series, some in hardback too to really stand out on your bookshelf.

So, pick up your next adventure from the latest books here and pre-order upcoming editions too. All can be delivered in the UK or collected from our shop in Halifax, UK.

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Graphic novels and comic collections are our main geek out here at Pages N' Pixels. We love getting a great story in one place. There's a lot of jargon here too so much sure you look at the Comics and Graphic Novels Jargon Buster!

But, if you want great stories and to get a more complete reading experience than working in single issue comics, this is a great place to start.

We stock trade paperbacks (TP) and Hardcover's along with deluxe and special edition collections in our shop in Halifax.

As much as we can will be added to the website her for you from mid 2022. Please do use the Social Media Multiverse to follow us for update or order something specific from us using Messenger, WhatsApp or DM's

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Nothing gets you like a great comic book. It's been an industry of wonderful stories, characters and artwork for generations. One that we see in our shop loved by children, grandchildren all the way to parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

Whether it's Marvel Comics from the golden age to DC Comics out right now. The indie comic rush of the 2000's and everything in-between. You will find some story to really grasp your attention here.

We love comics and keep a supply in Pages N' Pixels comic book shop all year round. We're adding a selection of comic series to the website throgh mid 2022 to subscribe to as well. Follow our page for the latest on comic books to order.

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We know you love a good subscription. This is why we have the PnP Loot Boxes available now! A great way to get a selection of Comics, Graphics and more with the Hero boxes.

You can can even choose you favourite publisher or go totally random with it! This means you only get what you like but you also have fun of getting something that's new and interesting each month.

Find out more on the button below or register for interesting in specific comic book series subscriptions over on our comics page.

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