Instagram Realm…

First in the Pages N’ Pixels social media multiverse (of madness? That’s for you to decide!) is the Instagram realm!

We love uploading our stories here about what’s going on day-to-day in the shop and what’s coming up around us.

If we’re excited about something we’ll be adding it to our story, reels and posts.

Many of our special offers will be available in the Instagram Shop too so watch out for tagged products.

Since many of our lovely friends in The Piece Hall also use Insta, we’ll be sharing fun things from local activates.

Oh, and you really should mention @PagesNPixels in anything geeky or let us know what you’ve got to show off!

We’re always up to something too so if you see any of our social media scavenger hunts going on, join in on Insta and win some prizes!

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Facebook realm…

Over to the classic Facebook realm now, one of the older dimensions in this array of posts, hashtags and pictures of cats…

On Facebook we’ll be using the connection to Instagram for stories so you don’t miss anything if you’re not an Instagram!

Our posts here will feature direct links to new sales pages, offers and special pre-orders too. Because Facebook warps you straight to the website, if you don’t want to miss an issue of a comic, graphic novel or a collectable this is the social media to not miss.

BUT they like to make you see our ads rather than our friendly posts. That Zuckerberg may well be Loki in disguise!

For Facebook it’s best to use the “Favourites” option by clicking the Following Button and adding us to your favourite pages.

You won’t miss a thing then! 

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Tiktok Realm…

OK… now we’re not quite Celestial Beings here in the Pages N pixels social media multiverse. But we are somewhat on the Dr Strange side when it comes to our hair!

However, we’re not scared of this newer, younger TikTok Realm everybody loves and wants to enjoy watching.

So, come watch our TikToks where we take on the 60 second unboxing challenge featuring new stock as it arrives and a hidden character!

Find the hidden character in the video, comment it and you’re in our prize draw for some cool free gifts, vouchers etc. on our current theme.

Plus, we’ll be showing some fun videos from the shop including what’s hot, what new comics we love and featuring our favourite characters.

Well worth checking out just to see how bad our video editing is to be honest…

Watch us take on the younglings on Tiktok

Twitter realm…

Ahh, the Twitter realm… the one that thinks it’s a good idea for its subjects to be able to type anything they like on their auto-correcting phones… but refuse to give you an edit button!

We do love you though Twitter. Our overlord Ross is certainly on there Tweeting away his thoughts.

That’s where you’ll find him most of the time asking daft questions, following and sharing geeky things plus some local activities around Halifax.

So if you want a more personal account of what’s going on at Pages N’ Pixels and more opinion based content from our owners, that’s the realm to visit.

Go and see his latest ramblings here…

See what ross is tweeting about here

Pick your Realm(S) And give us a follow

Now you know what to expect, which ones are you following us on? Feel free to jump on your Bifrost and visit all of them and give us a follow. Don’t forget we love geeky, fun posts so tag us in your stuff for a share and let your fellow heroes and adventures know about us with a few shares and tags!

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