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Now we know you love your role playing games and we’re no different of course. Join us for some D&D or even some Dark Souls board games. Plus, anything in between right here on Pages N’ Pixels online.

As a comic book shop, you know we have the books! So, why not grab yourself a D&D player’s handbook or some interesting stories from worlds like Magic the Gathering too.

Remember though, D&D books in particular are difficult to keep in stock. So, make sure you pre-order new releases with us to get them as they come out. You can usually back-order any books that are still in print and we’ll get them for you once they are back in the UK again.

We are also a big fan of some innovative Role playing board games that are RPG based. Enjoy the fun of the Funko Verse or, find more ways to die in Dark Souls. You can even get those tails wagging in Animal Adventures.

We also have some awesome role playing merch and accessories in stock, including Halifax’s own Tabletop Tavern Journals that are super helpful for keeping track of your progress.

Plus lots more, so choose your faves and order for collection or delivery from Pages N Pixels now.

Take a look at the range below in the PNP Role Playing range and make sure you get something you’ll enjoy.

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We're big fans of gaming here at PnP so if you are into some table top games or some collectible card games you are in the right place.

There's nothing better than meeting up in person or online to play a little something together. Whether that's some D&D with your Player's Handbooks at the ready. Or you want to hit up some Magic The Gathering with your brand new commander decks.

Plus, so much more with gaming inspired board games like Orlog and Dark Souls hitting the RPG scene. Find your favourites or next game and play with us, shop here:

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Get you D&D on at Pages N Pixels! We've got some essential books you need to start your Dungeons and Dragons games plus get a starter set with what you need included too.

Fancy something a bit different? Check out Animal Adventures or Dark Souls based RPGs too.

There's something for anyone to get started doing a Tabletop RPG here so come and take a look at the range.

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Get your hands on some trading cards here at PnP with a great range of different TCGs available. Go take on Shinra as Avalanche in the Final Fantasy TCG. Or get into the world of Dragon Ball Super with us.

You can even enjoy the world of My Hero Academia with the latest cards and booster sets from Deku and the team.

Of course, we would not be a TCG without Magic the Gathering! So commanders, come and get your decks, boosters or even a bundle of the latest release from Wizards of the Coast. We're adding to the range all the time so check out the latest on our catalogue. 

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