About us, and our quest…

If you have spent your life loving stories of heroes, villains and epic battles with fantastical creatures and monsters…

You have found the right place with Pages N’ Pixels, Adventurer.

Here you will discover a place that loves everything about comic books, graphic novels and pop-culture. And the way that has been realised and expanded upon, on the screen in movies, TV and video games.

If you love any or all of these things, this is the place for you. One you can enjoy right here on PagesN’Pixels.com or by visiting us in The Piece Hall, Halifax, West Yorkshire.

So, are you ready to start your next adventure? Read our origin story to find out more…

Read our origin story

Origin story

Ok, let’s start with the true cliché. We are two guys who grew up loving comic books and geeky things… and never grew up.

We now have wives and children and basically, both Gareth and Ross have so much geeky stuff at home our wives told us “you could have a shop with all this S%£T

And, we clearly took things too literally!

In honesty, we are big geeks and love comics, gaming for their amazing stories, characters including the heroes, villains and those that like to play both sides.

Even in a world of social media, technology and all the other madness going on… people of all generations love those same things.

We wanted to be a home for those experiencing their very first comic to those getting their 10,000th.

Pages N’ Pixels is a place we dreamed of having as kids, now we get to enjoy that as big kids!

Find out more about how thrilled we are at being in The Piece Hall next…

About The Piece Hall

The Piece hall – Our very own stark tower

I mean, look at that epic scene! What could be a better place to have a comic book shop dedicated to heroes, villains and fantastical storylines than this?

Steeped in history and somewhat mystery in some senses as to what cold be hiding in some areas of these 18th century walls, The Piece Hall is awe inspiring in it’s construction and design.

What’s more it’s home to a fantastic community of truly independent businesses. All people with a passion in their niche just like us. Everyone pulling together to help their community and visitors find just what they need while shopping locally.

Sounds like Avengers or Justice League levels of effort to me!

We are humbled and honoured to be a part of this community and aim to bring something special, different and perhaps a little mischievous to the square…

But if the latter happens, it was Loki not us… promise!

Your online portal into the Pages N’ Pixels dimension…

Of course, we welcome anyone to Pages N’ Pixels even if your too far to reach our physical shop.

Join the squad of heroes and adventures by visiting us online here at PagesN’Pixels.com and visiting the online shop.

You can order for UK wide delivery and Pre-Order upcoming comics, graphic novels and collectables too. Not to mention our subscription boxes that you don’t want to miss out on!

Don’t miss a thing wherever you are either. We’re all over the social media multiverse, no matter your favourite platform. So you can get the latest on what’s going on online and in the shop.

On that note about what we are up to, find out more about our goals, mission statement and the Pages N’ Pixels Social Media Multiverse in the next section.

Us, our mission and social media multiverse

The Pages n’ Pixels Mission & Social Media Multiverse

We have some simple but awesome aims here at Pages N’ Pixels along with our mission statement and our ethos. Let’s start…


  • Be a positive and fun experience for all our heroes and adventurers visiting us whether it’s their first comic or their 10,000th plus
  • Build our content around our community and celebrate the latest in comics, gaming and pop-culture while appreciating its history and those who created it.
  • Encourage the creators of the future with classes, tutorials and events around creative design, story writing and enjoying the inspiration of those already in the industry of comics, gaming, film & TV.

Our Mission

We’re here to celebrate characters, stories, heroes, villains and everyone in comic books, gaming and pop culture. Alongside those who create it. If you love them too, we’re here for you.

If you are yet to get into this universe of the spectacular and special experience, we’ll be there. Pages N’ Pixels is ready to help you on your first, or start your next adventure!

Our Ethos

We’re the fun and friendly face of comic books, pop-culture and gaming. Expect fun, fantasy and plenty of love for all things geeky. Whether you’re able to come in person on get involved online, we’re ready to help.

Social Media Multiverse

Ok, depending on what generation you’re from… it’s going to vary a lot which multiverse you’re involved in when it comes to socials.

We’re on everything from Facebook to Twitter oh and Instagram along with the younglings on TikTok… if Myspace was still a think we’d be on there too… don’t make us sad thinking about what was lost there!

Quick follow using the icons below or, why not have a look at the Social Media Multiverse Page here online and find out more about what goes on in each universe. Don’t worry, they are all on the sacred timeline… for now!

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