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Super-Hero Landing at The Piece Hall & Online July 2021

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Our Doors open July 10…

But the origin story starts now!

How You can be a part of our story…

Support the crowdfunder

Pages N’ Pixels may be like Thanos… we are inevitable! But you can be a part of our comic book shop’s origin story starting now.

As fans of everything graphic novels, comics, gaming and pop-culture, we want this shop to be for you and shaped by you.

So, what do you need to do to be a part of the story? That’s easy:

  • Head to our Crowdfunder, support us and get access and some cool rewards right now here >
  • Fill in this quick survey about what you really enjoy and would like to see in Pages N’ Pixels when we open.
  • Follow us on Facebook, Insta, Twitter & TikTok and join our Social Media Multiverse! (Oh, & tag us in all your geeky posts, we love it!)
  • Join our Cosplay Launch Weekend on July 10th & 11th at The Piece hall with full information here.

That’s it! Find out more on everything in more detail down the page. Don’t forget to join the email list for the latest info here:

    What Pages N’ Pixels will deliver from July 10 onwards!

    Every Hero & Adventurer Has Their Own Story, Origin & Passion…

    My first ever comic book was Spider-Man, a classic story of the death of Gwen Stacey back when I was growing up in Huddersfield.

    I remember it being so powerful in it’s story telling, just as it was in the characters, classic artwork and the sense of emotion it made me feel, even as a young boy.

    Much more engaging to me than anything in school that’s for sure! But it got me reading and enjoying some amazing stories.

    Everyone has their first comic book experience or develops an attachment to characters and stories in some mythical world or alternate reality. 

    In today’s world, while we still love comics and graphic novels. Many enjoy them through video-games, TV or Movies. But, there is always something about the first book that stays with you. Grows with you and becomes a part of your life.

    In Pages N’ Pixels we’ll be there for those who have loved comics all their lives, just like us, and ready for for those coming in to get their very first book.

    A place where heroes, villains and all characters in-between are celebrated, together with our community. Whether you can get into the shop, or visit us online, you’re part of our squad of Pages N’ Pixels Heroes & Adventurers.

    Find out more about us and our aims here

    Build your collection….

    Whether you love comic book characters, gaming worlds, legendary sci-fi or pop culture TV and film.

    You want to show that around your home, right?

    What “geek cave” is complete without amazing collectable statues, artwork and something a bit special to you, or even something rare with limited numbers around the world?

    Pages N’ Pixels will have a fantastic range of memorabilia and collectables from day one. Starting from fun figures and replicas to numbered, one-off statues (some are in our window now!).

    See them in our shop and order or pre-order online to secure yours. When we’re open, pop in and see what’s the latest in our display cabinets.

    Events, Sessions & Competitions

    We are here to be more than a shop, we want to bring you all something to truly celebrate the heroes, villains, characters and worlds we all love.

    Starting at our launch we’re bringing The Piece Hall a special PnP Cosplay Launch Weekend featuring the Sentinel Squad UK.

    They are bringing their amazing Star Wars performers to The Piece Hall for fun and pictures on opening weekend. The Pages N’ Pixels team, plus retailers in the square will also be in cosplay for the day as their favourite characters.

    Plus, we’ll be encouraging you to do the same both in person and sending us some snaps online if you can’t make it.

    We have a scavenger hunt, competitions and some treats to enjoy.

    Plus, you’ll be able to come see us in Pages N’ Pixels and see what we’re all about while your bringing your feedback on our survey, and supporting the Crowdfunder.

    Find out more on our opening event here >

    Seasonal Activities & Stock

    Nothing stands still in the world of comic books, gaming or cinema & TV! Neither will our shop and online store.

    You will soon see more on our first PnP Season: Origin Stories.

    Cool right? Our first wave of stock and content is celebrating the origin stories of classic characters, worlds, games and pop-culture.

    From classic characters like Batman, Wolverine and Deadpool, gaming origins like Sonic & Spyro and more.

    Each season will include special, limited edition stock, books and collectables to go with it.

    Then we level-up and move on to the next following new and upcoming releases and what’s trending.

    Of course, we will keep popular items in stock consistently but each visit to Pages N’ Pixels should always bring a new adventure! 


    Where your investment & Feedback will go…

    #1. spectacular stock

    We’ll be investing in the stock that you and other heroes have asked for. The shop will be stocked with plenty of options but we are saving plenty of space for your requests based on our feedback on the survey.

    #2. Local Legends

    Local supporters of Pages N’ Pixels will also benefit from our events from fun activities like our launch event to tutorials and sessions. We also intend to invest in young people and bring job opportunities as we grow.

    #3. back to you!

    Every investment you make comes back to you via the amazing rewards. Claim back some unique gear, comics, discounts and incredible collectables before anyone else with our range of rewards here.

    Find out more about what we’ll be doing >

    Are you ready, Adventurer?

    Let’s get started!

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